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These are some quotes that have stuck with me over the years. Some of the sentiment resonates with me but the quote as a whole may not represent my beliefs. For instance, I am personally not religious but there are quotes from prayers which have stayed with me from the two years that I spent in a Catholic school.

  • “Fear is the mind killer” – Dune
  • “An Examination Prayer: Come Holy Spirit, replace any tension within me with the peace that only you can give. Replace any disturbance within me with a sacred calm. Replace any fear or anxiety within me with a quiet confidence. Replace any darkness within me with your gentle light. Replace any cold within me with your loving warmth. Replace any emptiness within me with a sense of purpose. Grant me a calm, clear focused mind; a keen memory with a sharp attention to detail; and the fighting spirit of a true Lasallian. Dull the edge of my pride. Sharpen the edge of my humilty. If I should go astray, bring me back to the right path. May I truly believe that Your grace is enough for me. Amen.” – An Examination Prayer