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Thirty Days Of Elixir: Day One

What is this

I’m looking to spend thirty days improving my skills with Phoenix, Elixir and Erlang before EF starts. This series is very much inspired by Julia Evan’s series of posts about her time at Recurse Center.

I spent bulk of today trying out the LiveView exercises in the Pragmatic Programmer’s course. I think a contiguous block of 1000-1800 might not work out so well so I need to figure out a way to chunk better so I don’t feel too drained by 1630.

Questions I still have

What’s the difference between <%=... %> and <%=...%>% in LiveView.

UPDATE: There’s no special significance, it just indicates that there’s an additional % sign. Silly me.

Also, would it be worthwhile to make a mini clone of Ecto and/or Phoenix for learning purposes?


Going to try and finish another two exercises in the LiveView Course after which I hope to have time to build a mini application. Maybe a video streaming application.

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