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January OKRs

I drafted my year in review post a while back but soon realized that I didn’t want to release it to the public . As part of my goals this year, I would like to try running bimonthly OKrs so I can see how my goals are tracking. To further this goal, I’d like to publish my goals here.

Goals in terms of OKRs

Goals for [Jan, Feb]

Why? I think it’s important to understand the internals of your system in order to become a better developer Objective: Obtain a better understanding of systems

Why? I think life is short and one should treasure both mental and physical health Objective: Lead a healthier lifestyle

Why? I would like to use Phoenix during Entrepreneur First(EF). It will allow me to rapidly prototype performant CRUD applications. (!) Objective: Understand web development with Phoenix

Mid-point review

I’m midway through the Erlang In Anger summary and I’m making progress in learning Phoenix. I would like to document more of what I’m learning though public posts. I’m apprehensive because the quality won’t be that high but I think most people won’t read it anyway so I should just start. Aside, I also need to catch up on CS140E as I have substantial backlog on that front.

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