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Decision Log

I am writing this to provide context and also as a means to log my thoughts.

What have you done up until now?

I’m a Master’s student in Statistics at the National University of Singapore. I spent two years serving the army as a signals officer, two years working in a biomedical lab as a high school student. As part of a school program, I did two six month stints at two early stage startups in the Bay Area and took some classes at Stanford. I graduated a year early and was originally hoping to head back to the Bay Area. I decided against it after COVID-19 hit and instead I stayed in Singapore and spent half a semester studying Statistics, Databases, and Art History before taking leave to join a talent accelerator (EF). I left the accelerator last week and I am currently writing Elixir code for Betafi. I also spent about three months in 2020 solo backpacking around Asia and Europe. I am currently deciding between a move to South America and working at an early stage startup in San Francisco.

What is the internal motivation for heading to South America?

  1. Impact. Growing market, which means that there is an opportunity to create consumer tech products which have concrete impact on millions of lives. I realize that the same could be said of South East Asia but I don’t wish to stay within South East Asia(SEA) for now.
  2. Independence. I don’t want to stay within in Singapore – I want the space to define myself. I’ve spent bulk of my life living in Singapore and have wanted to leave since university.
  3. Adventure. I know that this will probably be the only time in my life which I can make such a move.

What tradeoffs are you making? Do they matter?

What are your major concerns/fears about moving downwards